When we talk about “Investing for a Greater Purpose” it’s much more than just a tag line; it’s who we are as people, eager to help you achieve what really matters to you. – Bob McCarty

Investing isn’t just a means to an end; it’s a journey intended to carry you toward your next phase in life. Looking at a second career? Funding for education or the arts? We provide advisory services to individuals and small businesses looking to secure a roadmap for a stronger financial future.

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Richard Merion
U.S. Army (Retired)

After retiring from 32 very satisfying years in the U.S. Army, I reflected on guidance programs for tomorrow’s leaders. My alma mater, West Chester University, had no ROTC program at all and the administration opposed when I proposed it. After receiving letters of support from alumni for a year and sending them to the local newspaper and Trustees, coupled with my refusal for a sizeable donation to the University, I obtained a tentative approval for the program.

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Dick Nourie
Board of Directors, Independence Mission Schools

Over the years, my faith has taught me that it was important to give back some of the success I enjoyed. My wife and I did that by participating in various volunteer programs. One of those activities was working with an inner city school in North Philadelphia. It was a Catholic grammar school that served about 200 children in a neighborhood where most of the families lived well below the poverty level.

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Ben Whiteside
Owner of The Red Piano Art Gallery

It is not often that a person really gets the chance to develop a passion with the idea of enriching others and call it work. For me this all came about in the 1990s when I was in the picture framing business. I was introduced to some very high end art by a client that was an art dealer/collector. He offered me the opportunity to begin offering fine art to collectors on Hilton Head.

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Susan Goldfein
Founder of Unfiltered Wit Media

I never thought I’d become a writer. My background is in speech pathology and I was a successful clinician, teacher, and consultant for many years. However, when I retired, I sought a new greater purpose. I refused to accept that gray hair, and a few wrinkles, somehow reduced my societal net worth. Although I have reached a point in life when my age exceeds the speed limit, I am not ready to step aside.

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Philip S. Hill

Many years ago, the commencement speaker at my daughter’s high school graduation said something that stuck with me. She counseled the audience of young, ambitious graduating seniors to take time along their career paths to enjoy family and to pursue interests that are personally fulfilling because “no one on his death bed has ever regretted not spending more time at the office.

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Bob Dorsam

Since the age of ten, I have had an unmistakable feeling that I was supposed to do something that would make a difference and have a positive impact. For the last fifty-five years, my journey has always had an eye and awareness of this “something.” Initially, it seemed that whatever it was must be in the future and patience was needed but it would be clearly recognizable when it surfaced. This remained in my consciousness.

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Bob & Kris McCarty
Financial Advisor & Engineer

As a two-income couple with four kids and having two great jobs (one an engineer in sales and leadership roles, the other in finance), we had been regularly contributing to our 401(K)’s and an investment account. We knew that the cost of four college degrees was looming in the not too distant future, and that we’d likely have some weddings to pay for as well.

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Dick & Jeanette Taylor


I was in the hotel/restaurant business as a manager, administrator, vice-president, owner and consultant for twenty years. At the age of 43, I began a new season of life as a full time missionary, a new husband, and a new father to three children (15, 13, & 8).

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Robert Busby

Mathematician/Professor of Mathematics

I spent my professional life as a mathematician and professor of mathematics. That was a subject I greatly loved, but one that sometimes had a tenuous connection with real world issues. When I retired in 2003 everything changed and real-world issues became dominant. Within a few months my wife was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

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John & Gretchen Ellixson

Enjoying Family Time

We are still enjoying our wonderful home in Fenwick Island, DE that we were able to get by selling the Colt stock we had along with Lucent stock. My husband called our house our “Colt House” and I called it my “Sonshine House” because I know God made a way for us to be blessed so that we could be a blessing to others.

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