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At Warren Financial, we find truth in the idea that you can achieve your financial goals when you have a Greater Purpose in mind, going beyond just financial security. Our mission is clear: to assist our clients in achieving their financial objectives so that they can achieve their Greater Purpose. Our commitment in this process is to place fiduciary responsibility above all else.
Why create a private fund?
  • For those clients who believe it’s possible to lose less when markets go down and also make more when markets go up (example Covid-2020)
  • Because grouping clients makes their money easier to protect
  • For those clients who want to enjoy the assurance of annual PCAOB audits (by global accounting firm Eisner Amper)
Warren Financial What's Your Greater Purpose

Warren Financial Safer-Equity Fund

Performance isn’t about platitudes, it’s about attitudes.

Performance requires:
1.Attention to detail
2.Commitment to achieve the goal
3.Dedication to the customer
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Why Warren Custom Portfolios:

  1. Because you are significant.  And you would like your team to also be significant.  We have provided our opinions in Forbes, on Fox, on CNBC, Bloomberg, Barron’s and other major media outlets.
  2. Because your plan should not be based on generalizations and estimates.  Instead, you want your plan to be based on comprehensive software analysis with embedded AI to be tailored specifically to your situation.  And your portfolio should follow that exact pattern.
  3. Because you have achieved a level of success that demands attention.  Therefore, you deserve access to not only a fully customized stock/bond portfolio based on extensive research and a conviction buy list; but in addition, you DEMAND MORE.  As an accredited investor, you also deserve access to “good”, “better”, or “special” investment opportunities from the private market, such as Venture Cap, Private Equity, Private funds based on “math models” and AI, direct investment in specific real estate projects (not funds that spread your investment all across the globe and grab the bulk of the profits for themselves).
  4. Because you believe it’s possible to be “better than average”.   Warren Financial works to provide you with an opportunity for a better-than-average return on your investment dollars.

Warren Safer-Equity Fund

Statistics that “mean” something
  • The Sortino ratio is designed to show how well a fund performs in a falling/down market. The higher the number the better the performance.
  • Search the internet for funds with high sortino ratios. You will find that generally speaking the only funds with Sortino ratios this high or higher are health care only funds – which are “defensive” funds in nature and do in fact tend to do well in down markets, but also tend to struggle in rising/up markets.
Because you demand innovation
WSEF ROI Q1 2022 New
Because running with the herd isn’t always a good decision
The key advantage to the Warren Safer-Equity Fund is the unique volatility hedge employed.  Utilizing the Warren Macro-VIX Indicator, the volatility hedge protects assets just-in-time as opposed to typical ETF vol strategies that employ short, mid-term or mixed futures holdings.  Warren Safer-Equity Fund utilizes options on VIX futures in an attempt to hedge away black swan or fat tail extreme market risks.
The fund consists of approximately 97-99% custom equity (Home Depot, Amazon, Apple, etc.) and 1-3% of volatility options when necessary.
WSEF: Monthly returns based on changes in the NAV as reported by administrator Alter Domus and confirmed by annual audit via Eisner Amper. Returns calculation: Compound daily changes roll up to monthly change. Annual calc: For a full year: (EndNAV/BeginNav)^(1/(#days/365) -1. For part year (not annualized): Compound daily change. Multi-year calculation: (EndNAV/BeginNav)^(1/(#days/365) -1. Dividends reinvested. After fees. See full disclosures on website. “Academic Portfolio” a.k.a, “Globally Diversified Portfolio” is a strategy we have observed in the industry. We calculated it, consisting of low cost ETFs all adjusted to include dividends 20%SPY, 25%AGG, 10%GSG, 25%VEA, 10%BIK(2008-2012), 10%IEMG(2013-current), 5%IWM, and 5%EMB after costs. The Academic/Global portfolio is not equivalent or comparable to the SP500 or the WF portfolios because it is not comprised of the same components, specifically, the Academic/Global portfolio includes bonds, small caps, emerging markets, commodities, etc which are not part of the SP500 nor part of the WF portfolio. All public ETF returns calculated using adjusted closes incl div after fee as reported by TD Ameritrade and/or Yahoo Finance. Benchmarks are not equal in composition or risk. Inception-to-date numbers for “the most recent quarter” use days, not years to calculate the ROR and thus is slightly different than annual ROR.


Randy Warren CEO Warren Financial
  • 25 years of investment experience
  • Member of the Warren Financial Executive and Operating Committee
  • MBA from West Chester University
  • BS from University of Delaware
  • Certified Senior Advisor
  • Editorial contributor on Forbes.com
Warren Financial Team Troy
  • 25 years of investment experience
  • Member of the Warren Financial Executive and Operating Committee
  • BS and MSc from University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Editorial contributor on Forbes.com
Warren Financial Team Scott
  • 25 years of investment experience
  • Member of the Warren Financial Executive and Operating Committee
  • BS from Pennsylvania State University
  • Editorial contributor on Forbes.com
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