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What’s Your Greater Purpose?

Warren Financial What's Your Greater Purpose
At Warren Financial, we find truth in the idea that you can achieve your financial goals when you have a Greater Purpose in mind, going beyond just financial security.  Our mission is clear: to assist our clients in achieving their financial objectives so that they can achieve their Greater Purpose.  Our commitment in this process is to place fiduciary responsibility above all else.
Warren Financial for Business - Financial Dashboard Builder can help you achieve your business objectives and make it simple for investors to understand your business. Give investors, board members, and analysts what they crave – at a glance – so you can spend time discussing the strategy, the vision, and the goals for your company’s future.

Warren Financial for Business Financial Dashboard Builder

  1. High Touch, Personal Service: Warren Financial is all about high touch and personal service. That’s why we focus our attention on you via your own personal relationship manager.
  2. Immediate Support: Warren Financial provides nearly instant communications with an experienced portfolio manager or relationship manager. Our high touch, high service approach demands nothing less. Our website CHAT feature connects you instantly. Although everyone likes the idea of a “team” approach, when you need an answer, you certainly don’t want some automated web-bot.
  3. Regular “on-track” meetings: Your plans. Your goals. We like to meet regularly with our clients to be sure everyone is on the same page (every 3-6 months). Automate your appointment on a recurring basis, through your relationship manager, or directly from the Warren Financial loyalty iPhone app.

Private Banking Symbols of Service
Service requires
  1. Attention to detail
  2. Commitment to achieve the goal
  3. Dedication to the customer

Warren Financial for Business Financial Dashboard Builder

Let’s face it. Financials are not the hot topic you want to talk about. This Dashboard creates your company financials at a glance.
So you can spend all your time in front of the board, on conference calls, and at investor summits talking about the sizzle.

The goal of the Business Financial Dashboard Builder is to create the following chart. We utilize technology to make this process simple. You fill in a few pieces of information about your business and our proprietary technology creates the financial projections. These financial projections are easily manipulatable to ensure you send the right message to your investors and have a plan that you can live with and a plan you can manage against. Notice the chart includes Revenue, Expenses, EBITDA, Profit, Changes in Cash, End Year Cash Balances, Tl Balance Sheet Assets, and an Approximate Owner Tax Expense.
This is your business finances…. At a glance! Break it down to quarterly numbers, create a five-quarter view, or a five-year view, all “at a glance”.

Warren Financial for Business Financial Dashboard Builder

Before you get to private jets and luxury yachts, you need to take a few basic planning steps.
Private Jet
Luxury Yacht
Step 1: Start here. Input some basic business information:

Basic Business Information Table

Step 2: Think through some basic accounting issues. Manage these cash flows.

Accounting Information Table

Step 3: For your Growth, think through this part:

Company Growth Table

Step 4: How much capital will you need to inject into this new company
(at start-up and in the future):

Company Capital Table

Step 5: Cap Table from YOUR perspective (what will you own and how much tax will you pay):

Owners Cap Table

Step 6: This Business forecast will be generated for you. Look it over and make adjustments.

Business Forecast Table

Step 7: Now our program graphs the whole thing. Easy to understand for investors (and for yourself):
(you don’t input anything here, it’s all calculated based on your previous inputs):

Income & Assets Custom Chart

Income & Assets Custom Chart

Warren Financial for Business Financial Dashboard Builder

If you’ve taken the above 7 steps, you have a firm grasp on the finances of your business and a dashboard against which you can measure progress.

You also now have a single financial snapshot that any investor can quickly grasp.

Now, it’s time to think about how much you should be allocating of your own resources to your business.

Personal Current Asset Allocation Chart
Personal CFO

Warren Financial for Business Financial Dashboard Builder

What if you need CFO type help?
If Warren Financial is managing your personal portfolio or helping you with your corporate 401k, and stock option plans, then you have access to Cash Management solutions far beyond anything offered by the big box private bankers.
Warren Financial offers you a personalized Chief Financial Officer. Beyond just coordinating and organizing, your Warren Financial CFO will get your cash management affairs in order by paying your bills for you…. For a week, a month, or as long as it takes for you to regain control of your business or personal cash flows. This consulting service isn’t free, nor is it included in your other Warren Financial services, but sometimes, it’s just exactly what you need.
Personal or Business CFO
  • Bill payment
  • Bank & credit card statement reconciliation
  • Organizing monthly financial statements
  • Payroll strategy and organization
  • Budgeting
  • Tax planning and filing
  • Trust accounting

Warren Financial for Business Financial Dashboard Builder

Need help with Employee and Employer Retirement plans?
Warren Financial can cover this area for you as well.
  • Low cost 401k plans
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Deferred comp plans
  • Stock option plans
  • Restricted stock plans
  • Defined benefit plans - Utilize our actuary to create a plan that would allow you to save, tax deferred, up to a couple hundred thousand dollars on top of the means tested 401k plan which is currently limiting you.
Luxury Home with Pool Luxury Beach Home

Warren Financial for Business Financial Dashboard Builder

WF Greater Purpose - Business Woman on Cell Phone

Partner, C-suite executive, Entrepreneur, or high net worth investor
Let Warren Financial help you achieve your goals by bringing you the Private Banking and
investing relationship you expected from the other bigger firms. We are large enough to
bring you world class deals and experience but small enough not to force fit you into products and categories.