At Warren, our people not only have exceptional track records, we all came from humble beginnings and are truly grateful to have you as part of our family. – Troy Logan

West Chester University Accomplished Alumni Spotlight - Randy Warren

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West Chester University College of Business and Public Management selected Randy Warren for the Accomplished Alumni Spotlight.

Warren Financial believes that leadership as a wealth management company boils down to six areas:
  1. Frequent Communication – quarterly face-to-face, regular original newsletters, daily tweets, Facebook updates, monthly calls between our investors and our Investment Committee
  2. Safe Technology – ensuring that your data is safe is a difficult job.  Fortunately our Technology Team (Randy and Karen) have computer science degrees with a depth of technology understanding.
  3. Social Responsibility – monitoring and screening your investments based on social, environmental, and corporate governance factors
  4. Innovation – such as opening up new markets for our investors.  In 2010 we launched 2 unique funds specifically built for our clients.  One which focuses on delivering “safer” equity investing, and the Angel fund which opens up the world of start-up company investing to our clients.  We continue to work to create and deliver specific investment opportunities, tailored for our clients.
  5. Tax Sensitivity – reviewing investments for tax efficiency
  6. Direct Access – Warren Financial believes that every client deserves direct access to our most seasoned professionals, especially to your portfolio creation expert and financial planner
Read below about our award-winning wealth management team:
Randy Warren
Chief Investment Officer
Philadelphia Office

– 25 years of investment experience
– Chair, Warren Financial Investment Committee
– MBA from West Chester University, BS, CS from University of Delaware

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Troy Logan
Managing Director
Philadelphia Office

– 25+ years in the financial industry with expertise in risk management
– Member of Warren Investment Committee and BDHF co-manager
– M.Sc. Applied Economics and BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz

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Scott Shellhamer
Managing Director
Philadelphia Office

– 25+ years of Investment Experience
– Member of the Warren Investment Committee
– BS in Finance with a Minor in Economics from Penn State University

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Mike Little
Managing Director
New York Office

– 30 years of investment experience
– Member of the Warren Executive Operating Committee
– MBA from Columbia University, BS in Finance from Syracuse University

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John O’Toole
Managing Director
Hilton Head Office

– 30+ years of investment experience
– Holds a CRPC, Charter Retirement Planning Counselor designation
– BS in Finance from Saint Edward’s University, Austin, TX

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Bob McCarty
Managing Director
Atlanta Office

– 35 years of financial experience
– Former CFO, Venture Capital Investing, Corporate FP&A, M&A
– MBA from Wake Forest University, Certificate in Private Capital Markets from Pepperdine University

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