Whether you’re on the verge of retiring, part of a family-owned business or have gone after your own dream, we collectively have the expertise to help you plan, invest wisely and prosper today. – Scott Shellhamer

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Custom Portfolio Construction

Wealth Planning

Asset Protection

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Warren Safer-Equity Fund

Custom Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio review and personal risk assessment

  • Portfolio design and implementation to your specs and goals

  • Academic investment process focusing on fundamentals

  • Access to uncorrelated alternative investments
Custom Portfolio Construction. We believe in picking great companies and sticking with them for the long haul. We spend a great deal of time considering what are the best companies to invest in. At Warren Financial we monitor hundreds of great stocks on a daily basis. When our customer asks us a specific question about a holding, we know the answer. It pays to have your advisor in the trenches, overseeing your holdings, watching closely. We know portfolio construction from the inside out.

Wealth Planning
  • Goal setting

  • Execution strategy and implementation

  • Debt utilization and Savings strategy

  • Cash Flow management

  • Social Security optimization

  • Retirement Strategy and Draw Down implementation
Wealth management is not just about maximizing returns. It is about achieving your goals. We build a comprehensive computer model of your situation, built from the combination of your specifics along with a database of nearly 100 years of market and economic history against which to simulate the future. The outcome is this: Your goals, plus our technology, equals the optimal long-term plan.

Asset Protection
  • Tactically protecting assets from recessions

  • Hedging market moves to protect investments

  • Long Term Care (nest egg insurance)
  • Incapacity planning

  • Beneficiary review
Asset Protection. It is our task to provide a unique, proprietary strategy available to our investors via our Warren Safer-Equity Fund. We manage this fund ourselves. The asset protection technology is world class, unique, and based on years of research. Volatility options had few if any traders soon after their introduction in 2007. Warren Financial began trading options on Vix futures in 2010. We have not found any firm, either mutual fund or ETF, with a longer track record of trading options on Vix futures than Warren Financial. Our experience is a distinct advantage.

The goal of the Warren Safer-Equity Strategy is to provide “safer-equity” by utilizing options on Vix futures to reduce the downside risk of holding stocks. The goal of the fund is not to outperform the SP500 every year, but rather to “keep up” in good years and outperform (by losing less) in bad years when the market drops -10% or more. The bigger the drop the better the outperformance.

Estate Planning
  • Legal document review, preparation, strategy

  • Tax efficient investing strategy

  • Tax efficient required distribution planning and execution

Tax Strategy
  • Minimizing tax burdens

  • Efficient investment strategies

  • Tax efficient spending strategies

  • Tax preparation for corps and personal via Warren or our CPA partners

Rental & Commercial Real Estate
  • Planning and implementation of streams of rental real estate income

  • Unique opportunities in commercial real estate investing

  • 2nd and 3rd home evaluations via market and tax strategies (intergenerational passing of real estate assets)

Family Business
  • Incorporation and Corporate governance

  • Setup your retirement plans such as 401k, Simple, SEP, Deferred Comp, etc.

  • Allow Warren Financial to provide advice and manage the retirement assets of your executives as a perk

  • Business strategy analysis and Small Business valuation

  • Cash flow strategies and company growth plans

  • Succession planning

Most everyone should utilize a donor advised trust
    Donate appreciated stocks from brokerage accounts to fund the trust and avoid taxes
Determine your charitable goals and work with Warren Financial on the implementation
    Such as using your annual Required Minimum Distribution to fund a charity
Inter-generational wealth education
    Bring in your family for a discussion about the family’s history, current charitable goals, and how wealth has been created and managed over the years
Trust strategy and Implementation
    Even though most families don’t use Trusts to avoid death taxes anymore, there are still some solid reasons to have a Trust in place

Mortgage Strategy & Execution
  • Preparing for the loan with Credit Score improvements

  • Finding the best lender for your situation

  • Loan evaluation and execution

Warren Safer-Equity Fund
The key advantage to the Warren Safer-Equity Fund is the unique volatility
hedge employed. Utilizing the Warren Macro VIX Indicator, the volatility
investment protects assets just-in time as opposed to typical ETF vol
strategies that employ short, mid- term or mixed futures holdings. Warren
Safer-Equity utilizes options on VIX futures in an attempt to hedge away
black swan or fat tail risk.
On the long side, the Warren Safer-Equity Fund invests in companies that
produce attractive cash dividends compared to their peer group. Stock
selection includes both fundamental bottoms-up analysis as well as
technical analysis. Warren Safer-Equity avoids companies that may not have
the financial strength to continue to pay significant dividends in the future.
Stocks are selected from the global pool of possibilities and from many
sectors of the economic landscape.
Warren Safer-Equity Fund Details